Passport Health has developed a schoolboy Russian Ministry of Education

Passport Health has developed a student’s Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Passport Health student – is a comprehensive document, which will gather all the information about the health of the child, physical development, psycho-emotional state, data on annual health examinations, immunizations and information about medical osmotrah.V?? passport will be made to the data on the physiological characteristics of the child, transferred their disease, information about family, academic performance and personal achievements. It is assumed that the passport will be filled with a child with parents, teachers, health workers, and psychologists. Passport – this is not an end in itself, is not just fixing the psycho-physiological status of individual students. Assessment of health status of children in each class at each school will monitor the health of children in the country, make the necessary changes in the learning environment, the organization of recreation and leisure activities for children to effectively ensure the preservation and strengthening of school health, they form a culture of healthy and safe lifestyle. The project should contribute to a younger generation of responsible attitude towards their health and be an incentive for the organization of regular daily schedule, monitor workloads in physical education classes, with the diet of the child, ensuring its motor activity. In the next two years, Passport Health plan “to have” in every Russian schoolboy.